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My famous-but-true Hijacker story

Art's famous hijacker story Yes, it's all true, I was there and saw it myself.


Snarky columns from the nearly defunct Salinas Califormian

Paper or Plastic Again? September 2013. Get your hands off my plastic bags

Can You Prove 3x4 Equals 12? August 2013. Obfuscating the obvious

Let Freedom RIng, and Boom, and Crackle July 2013. Don't mess with the fireworks

A Tale of Two Barrios June, 2013. Unity is not an option

I Know, Ma, But What Have You Don For Me Lately? May 2013, Mom's Day, ha!

How to Create a City Image April, 2013. What you see is what you get

Gas, Guns and Government Indulgences March, 2013. Pay for your sins in advance

The Art of Illegalism February, 2013. Laws? What laws?

The Dreaded R Bomb and the Salt Marshes January, 2013. The Ultimate Weapon

The Good, the Bad, and the Alisal Board of Trustees December 2012. Ugh

Christmas is Back. Deal With It. December, 2012. So soon?

Prepare for Disaster LIke It's All Up To You November 2012. Be ready

Pinko Correctness and Judging Politics October, 2012. Watch your step

Eeeny Meenie Miney Mayor September 2012. Take your pick

Claim Your Olympic Colors and Represent August 2012. Beach vollyball?

You Say Rodeeo, We Say Rodayo July, 2012. Salinas' little quirks

A Little Fatherly Advice June, 2012. Fatherhood through the ages

A Capital Offense May, 2012. What's Sious Falls got the we haven't gor?

The Race for the Mall April, 2012. Latinos targeted for capture, watch out

March Madness is Already Here March, 2012. Two weeks in, it's all insane

Visons of Futures Past February, 2012. The furture doesn't look so different

Time is Running Out. Or is it? January, 2012. Doomsdays are so hard to predict

Holidays and Holy Days December, 2011. Christmas is what you make of it

I'm Aware Already November, 2011. Boy, did I get heat for that one

All Politics is Loco October, 2011. Manipulating the masses, killing gophers

Thanks for Keeping Us So Safe September, 2011. My wife's favorite, don't know why

Teach Your Children Well, In Public Or Private August, 2011. Back to school so soon?

Salinas Summer Vacations July, 2011. What to do when you're broke

Smart Kids, Commencements and Air Horns June, 2011. Idiots at graduations

Money. Well, Spent May, 2011. Anyone can play

The Trouble With Going to Pr1son, Part 3 April, 2011. There's no Undo button

The Trouble With Going to Prison, Part 2 March, 2011. Adjusting can be difficult

The Trouble With Going to Prison, Part1 February, 2011. Prison prep

New Year's Wishes For a Happy Salinas January, 2011. Wishing well around town

Branding Salinas. Cover the Graffiti! December, 2010. Stupid cover-up

The Blame Game, Home Edition November, 2010. The trouble with parents

What Colors Do You Claim? October, 2010. Getting hyphanated in America

Scenes of Life in Salinas September, 2010. Street vendors to baseball